Make a Guy Chase You – Turn the Tables and Make Him Fight For You

Eidolonai December 27, 2017

If you want to make a guy chase you, you are going to have to learn how guys think about dating and romance. If you think that men want girls to give in easily and just do whatever the guy tells them to do, then you could not be farther from the truth. Read this to learn to make a guy chase you.

Whether you have just met this guy or have been with him for a more extended period of time, you should know how to play hard to get. First, give up the idea that it is mean to play hard to get with a man. Men love the thrill of the chase so you will actually be doing him a favor.

To make a guy chase you in the beginning of the relationship is a bit easier. It simply means that you never make the initial move. Instead, let the guy approach you and show his interest first. That establishes him as the one who will be doing the majority of the pursuing and gets the relationship off on the right foot.

However, maybe you failed to do this in the beginning and now you feel that you are the one who is always chasing after him. Although it will be harder for you to turn the tables, it is not yet impossible. Here is what to do:

First, make yourself less available to him when he wants to see you. Stop being the one to ask him out and when he does ask you to go somewhere start saying no occasionally. This will wake him up and make him realize that he needs to try harder to spend time with you.

Second, when you are with him, be just as charming as you always are. Remember, you can’t make a guy chase you if you give him the total cold shoulder! The trick is to make the time that he does spend with you rarer and more enjoyable at the same time. That way, he will really long to see you more and appreciate his time with you more.

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