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Eidolonai December 31, 2017

Flavored coffee sold in supermarkets has been flavored with either natural or synthetic oils and some even have at least fifty flavoring agents and preservatives. If you want to personally put flavor in your coffee, to try out other coffee flavors, or if your favorite coffee flavor is not available in the market, here are some ways on how to make your own flavored coffee.

You can add your flavor spices to your beans and store them together in a tightly sealed container for a few hours before grinding them. Note the temperature where you will store them because while you want the flavor to be infused in the beans, you do not want them to melt onto your beans. Do not keep them together for a prolonged period of time. If they are stored for a number of days, the spice might overpower the flavor of your coffee and when you grind them, you may have a cup of strong cinnamon flavored drinks with none of the coffee taste. If you are not planning on using the beans yet, take the spice out and do not keep them together any longer than one day so that when you do use your beans, the spice will not be too powerful.

While grinding, you can also add the spice at this time. Grind the beans together with the spice of your choice. Make sure that your spice will not overpower the flavor of the coffee as well. Make sure you get the right coffee to spice ratio or proportion because if you put too much coffee bean and not enough spice, it wont have any effect at all. Or if you put in too much spice, the coffee flavor will be completely lost. It will definitely be hard to correct the flavor and the taste later on. You will only discover it upon final preparation, with the taste and aroma. So be careful how much spice you add. You cannot physically separate them when they are already in powder form. Before you make a lot of batches of coffee mix, be sure to test out the mix first in a single cup of coffee.

There are other more obvious ways to flavoring up your coffee and you can even make your own flavored coffee at home. Add cocoa powder for that touch of chocolaty sweetness, add vanilla for a soft and velvety hint of flavor, or add hazelnut, cinnamon, irish cream for a little kick or nutmeg for a completely different and special taste. You can also add other powdered drink mixes or syrups to your coffee to create your own unique flavor blend. You can top your cold coffee with whipped cream, cinnamon or chocolate powder for both a delicious and a professional looking drink. If you want to spike your coffee, add liquor such as Kahlua for a great afternoon or evening coffee cup. Adding flavor to your coffee can be fun and can bring your taste buds a wonderful surprise.

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