Make Your Own Coffee Pods

Eidolonai December 3, 2017

Coffee pods are expensive. Ever wish you could just make your own? Not only would you save money, but you’d also be able to put whatever coffee you wanted into that brewer instead of whatever happens to be offered in the shape of a little pod, all while enjoying the convenience of one cup brewing. Making your own coffee pods is not as hard as you might think, either.

Lounging around your kitchen cabinets is likely all the things you’ll need to make your own coffee pods. First, find a measuring scoop that fits neatly into the pod holder on your coffee pod brewer. A 1/3 cup seems to be a common fit, but experiment a bit and see what works best for you.

Now, find a glass or jar that will fit tightly into the measuring scoop. Many use vitamin jars for this step, but whatever fits will work. Lastly, see if you have any standard coffee filters that are intended for the small 4 to 5 cup coffee machines. These are necessary, as they will be your outer shell, so you may have to go buy some, but they’re not very expensive at your local grocery store.

Take one of your filters and shape it evenly over the end of your jar, glass, or whatever you found that would fit. Attempt to center the filter, but it’s not necessary to be perfect when creating your own coffee pods. Now, flip the jar and filter and press it into the measuring scoop. To get a nice, tight edge in the filter paper at the bottom of the measuring cup, you’ll want to spin and press the jar a bit.

Remove the jar, and you’ll have a cup-shaped filter still sitting in a measuring scoop. Add about two teaspoons, or a scoop of whatever ground coffee you want to use into your filter-paper-cup-thingy. A typical coffee scoop that comes with most coffee makers will hold 7 grams of coffee, which is usually a good amount for coffee pods. Shake the cup to spread the ground evenly across the bottom of the filter, then fold the extra filter material gently with your fingers to completely cover the ground coffee.

If you just have to have really well formed coffee pods, place the jar into the scoop again and put some pressure on it with your hand.

Just flip the scoop and, voila, home-made coffee pods!

Anthony Davis – Owner of the best resource for finding information about coffee pods

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