Marketing With Coffee Cups

Eidolonai November 22, 2017

Have you decided to use promotional products to market your company? Promotional coffee cups are a good way to go, but you must consider that the only thing people are going to see at first are coffee cups with your company’s information on them. What do you want them to say?

If you’re looking for name recognition for your company slogan, then simply throwing the company logo and slogan on the cup in huge letters will do the trick, and will ensure there is no distraction from the message. When things are big and simple, people tend to get the message a lot quicker then they do with tons of text. The downside is that you’re wasting a lot of space in which you could’ve said something interesting or useful.

Maybe you want to get your home on the web out there and recognized? Sometimes just slapping your company’s web address onto some coffee cups will do the trick. Big, successful companies figured this out a while back; if the web address is simple enough, they’ll often advertise the web address instead of their company name. They can, in one fell swoop, advertise both their website and their company’s name, which is pretty darn efficient.

Possibly you’re wanting to show your potential clients that you really mean business. If this is the case, then you’ll want to put all of your business and contact information on one side of the coffee cups, and your company logo on the other side of the promotional mug. A small brochure’s worth of information can be crammed onto a coffee cup and still be perfectly readable by most. Good luck doing that with pens or key rings. Actually, if you pull it off, email me pictures please.

The ultimate in simplicity would be to just put your company’s trademark, or possibly your stock market symbol on the promotional coffee cups. Nearly everyone has access to the web and knows how to use a search engine, so being sort of ambiguous might get them searching around the web for information about your company. This may end up garnering more attention than being obvious about it. Some companies are already doing this. Occasionally you’ll see some crazy web address or mysterious phrase on a billboard or a truck. I’m sure many people just pass those up without any thought, but maybe those people aren’t the customers they’re looking for. Some will obsess over it until they figure out exactly why that weird word was on a billboard. Once those types are on your website, they’re going to read everything about your company, and probably spread the word to others, whether those others care or not.

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