Men’s Vintage Ties – Costume Designers and Fans of Fashion Compete For Unique Neckties

Eidolonai February 5, 2018

Today’s ties have settled into three major categories: patterned, designer and novelty. While there are many types to choose from, they are essentially manufactured the same way from standard fabrics such as silk, polyester, microfiber, cotton, rayon as well as various blends. There are only so many ways to produce a striped necktie before it starts looking very much like the one the next table over at a department store or the next page online. When one’s memory starts to blur from all the similarities found in modern neckwear, it is time to look to vintage accessories for a totally new look. Customers and costume designers can both benefit by incorporating vintage ties into their personal and professional wardrobes.

Vintage = One-of -a-Kind

If you are interested in purchasing a solid colored skinny tie with an embellishment midway up, you will have to shop for a vintage one, as that style not made today. What a better introduction to the wonderful world of all things vintage! Over the last 100 years, neckties have been modified in many ways: skinny, fat, long, short and everything in between. Once you’ve had a chance to try on vintage accessories, the idea that they are pre-owned is quickly forgotten, especially when you encounter a unique pattern or novelty theme which tugs at your heart strings and quickly becomes a must have. How else can you acquire something which is simply no longer made?

For example, Hermes designer neckwear is as popular as ever, but a limited number of designs are manufactured every year, so if you fall in love with one made 20 years ago, you must search for it in the vintage marketplace. The same goes with the ever popular pin up girl ties from the 1940’s or those containing mirror images with hidden messages which can only be read when you stand in front of a mirror.

The number of patterns and myriad of colors are endless, and the hunt for the unusual can become addicting, but the payoff is huge, often in the way of a unique article of clothing which no one else will be seen wearing, one which your friends and colleagues will be clamoring to know more about.

Professional Costume Wardrobes

Sometimes the way to make something look authentic is to wear the real thing. That is what movie and theater costume departments often do. Even historical reenactment troupes look to vintage clothing, this including vintage men’s neckwear. Period pieces look natural and coordinate well together. Sometimes dozens of neckties are needed for a scene, in which case, with several authentic pieces and vintage fabric at hand, many can be faithfully replicated.


So whether they are intended for personal or commercial use, men’s vintage ties offer a taste of the past and open the door for much experimenting. Fans love them and use them as a way to update their wardrobe with these unique accessories.

Jackie D. is the owner of Ties2Pillows, an online resource for Men’s Vintage Ties with the largest selection of Men’s Skinny Ties for sale on the web.


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