Metal and Glass Coffee Table a Fine Colaboration for the Perfection

Eidolonai May 21, 2014
white metal and glass coffee table

Every piece of furniture is made of various materials, which each of them has its own characteristic. Wood, for example, stands for solid and durable furniture meanwhile the glass material indicates the modern touch through its transparent elegant look. However, there could be any ideas  in furniture that is much more better if there are two or more combined materials. For example, metal and glass can be set together, as appear in metal and glass coffee table.  Both create a modern look as well as practical use.

Tips for Cleaning Metal Table

There must be some plans you have made to clean your metal table properly. First, you need to fill a galoon with warm water which is added with 3 tablespoon of liquid soap. Then, put a scrub brush made of nylon to scrub the entire surface of the table. After that make it dried by wipping the table using a dry towel.

Two Recommended Products

The first recommended table based on reviews is Modern Coffee Table Metal Glass Storage Black. This $149.75 coffe table looks stylish and elegant with a simple glass top and black metal frame finishing. A lower shelf is used for the useful purpose as a storage, where you can put magazine to read in your coffee time. Other recomended product of metal and glass coffee table is Home Modern Contemporary Glass Metal Coffee Table that is Kidney Shaped. The shape of this table is very unique, mosly fits to modern design of your house or apartment.

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