Missed Opportunities – “Success Belongs to He Who Fights For It”

Eidolonai March 12, 2018

This morning I woke up around eight o’ clock, and went to Wawa for my morning cappuccino which is a daily routine for me, but this morning was much different from yesterday or any other morning for that matter. This morning I was approached by a homeless man. He was real scruffy looking, about 6’2 looked to be in his mid 30’s wearing very old faded clothing. He said he hadn’t eaten in a day and asked if I could spare any change so that he could get something from this store we were standing in front of.

Growing up in New Jersey I’ve been in many situations like this before where in the past I would say I didn’t have any change and I would go on about my business. This situation was much different because when I looked into this gentleman’s eyes I saw something I had only seen in a starving dogs eyes. He had the look of despair. He looked as if every flame of hope in his heart was extinguished. I can tell just by the look on his face that everything he had ever worked for, everything that he once had was gone. Did he bring this life style on himself or is he the end product of hard times and misfortune. It wasn’t for me to judge, I just knew that this man desperately needed my help. So I went inside the store grabbed my morning cappuccino took some money out of the ATM, and gave it to this man of misfortune.

Now you might be asking yourself why am I telling you this story? Is it to glorify myself for doing a good deed? No the reason why I thought I would share this story with you today is to bring one thing to realization. Opportunities in life come and go. I’m pretty sure that this man had many opportunities and paths through out his life that he could have taken to prevent him from ending up where he is today. Did he choose the right path? Well that’s not for me or you to determine, but you my friends have a choice. When you feel like you can’t go on in your business or in life itself stop and  think about this story. You have options right now,  you have a choice.

Don’t give up on what ever endeavors you may be pursuing. Who cares if your business isn’t getting the traffic you want it to right now, you know what that means you have to work harder. Spend a extra hour or two a week working on bringing traffic to you business. Spend that extra hour or two a week networking, researching your product more. Make that extra investment that will help bring costumers to your website. Add that extra keyword that will put you higher on the search engines. Success just won’t be handed to you. BELONGS TO HE WHO FIGHTS FOR IT.

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