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Eidolonai November 10, 2017

To coffee-lovers, good coffee is the key to happy mornings, to feeling prepared for the day, and for just about all the good things that happen in the world.  Good coffee always ‘hits the spot’, especially if it is lovingly prepared by experts, and hand delivered immediately after we have just thrown the alarm clock at the cat. While our grand-parents survived the Second World War by battling Hitler with a few powdered eggs and a series of nice cups of tea, our own generation has learned to love coffee just as much as a good old cuppa. Perhaps the War would have been over much quicker if we Brits had had a couple of espressos inside us!

Finding good coffee suppliers and coffee houses is much easier than it used to be in the UK. At one time the best you could hope for was a tasteless freeze-dried beverage and a ‘frothy coffee’ was the height of sophistication. In the case of coffee – progress is always good! Today coffee is everywhere and it’s even possible to hire a mobile coffee van for just about any function you can think of to prepare perfect, quality and piping hot coffee for your guests.

If you love coffee, and want to take advantage of specialist caterers you will be looking for the best. The small coffee vans that you see around our High Streets and City Centres have been branching out in recent years, and you can now hire one of them for functions and events. While waiting for the photographer to snap all the wedding shots, you can give your guests a surprise by having a mobile coffee van ready and waiting to serve Latte, Espresso, and Cappuccino – a really unique surprise for your guests!

In addition many specialist providers will offer to cater for receptions or other parties. True, coffee may be included at your venue – but will it be really good coffee! The owners and operators of small mobile coffee vans are dedicated enthusiasts – the connoisseurs of the industry. The freshest beans, the best flavours all combine to make that perfect coffee. It may seem an extravagance to hire a mobile coffee van – but for small functions, bonfires, community events, and family parties they are an ideal and unusual talking point.  Your friends, family and guests will be truly impressed by your attention to detail, and any event will go with an additional kick, once your guests have a little caffeine inside them! Hiring a mobile coffee van will add a perfect finishing touch to any event. serves freshly ground coffee from our mobile coffee van . Fabulous coffee served anywhere; visit our site for more information.

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