Moroccan Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 17, 2014
white moroccan tray coffee table

Moroccan coffee table is one of the unique and artistic furniture people are interested to include on their home design and arrangement plans. Not only because of they are unique and artistic, some of them are also rare items, so they make different great concept and ideas for interior decoration.

Tips on Finding Moroccan Table

In finding the best suitable Moroccan coffee table, you need to know the characteristics of the good quality of the table. You may want to check on what kind of wood that made the table, as well as any other quality, such as the type of the finishing and the paint. You can read some reviews as reference.

Product review

Here is a review of three Moroccan tables you may want to know. The first table is the Egyptian Moroccan Vintage Mother of Pearl Mosaic Wood Coffee Table. This Moroccan table is handcrafted by the Egyptian and also made of beech wood that is high in quality. This coffee table will surely be the heart-catcher for everyone who sees it, especially people who are interested and admire the original art of Islam.

After that, there is the Moroccan Small Accent Table. This one is a hand-made table that is made of wood and is accentuated with the Morocco touch. This coffee table is inlaid with metal flowers in colors of bronze and gold on the base and on the top. The diameter of this table is 20 inches and its high is 22 inches.
Vintage Moroccan Egyptian Brass Tray Table is the next coffee table with Morocco touch. It is a solid brass tray table with stand made of wood and comes from Egypt. This table is made by Egyptian artists and is made of heavy brass. The artisans have unique skills that are inherited from the ancestors, as well as this moroccan coffee table is becoming one of the rare arts, even more in the future.

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