Most unique camera accessories

Eidolonai February 24, 2018

In the modern life, when taking photos is considered to be one of the most favorite entertainment forms, cameras have become close friends of everyone at everywhere. Thanks to these devices, your memorial moments in lives can be truly and vividly captured. In order to make our cameras more professional, it’s interesting and necessary to equip some accessories in those cameras. Let’s explore the pro-style camera with the most original accessories.



The magic Spy lens attached with a small mirror inside that helps you shoot at a 90 degree angle


This is the effective solution for those who want to take 2 cameras. It looks so smart and convenient


USB flash drives looks like a camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II


A Wood Picture Frame In Photoshop is used with the Mac OS X photoshop interface


The helmet attached with a camera strap


Camera Bottle Cap Tripod are smart water bottles


Water heater looks like the lens of Canon Zoom 70-200mm


Cloak Bag is the camera bag that lets you take photos without removing camera from the bag


Level Camera Cube helps align the shots on different axes horizontally or vertically




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