Move A Heavy Pool Table

Eidolonai November 8, 2017

Having a pool table in your home will give you a lot of recreation. It can help you entertain yourself while you are at home doing nothing. Pool is one game that you and your friends can engage in. In this hobby, you will need some things like cue sticks and pool table. Sometimes, you may want to move the table from one place to another. One thing that you need to remember is that this table can be very heavy. You will need some help before you can do it. There are simple tips for you like having folding pool tables.

The first thing that you need to do is to plane for it. It will never be an easy thing to do since the table is very heavy for one individual to lift. Moving this from one place to another will require you to ask some help from at least 5 people to help you. You may also need to have a truck to carry this if you are moving your to a faraway place.


To start moving the table, you may need to move the corners first. Keep in mind that in doing this, all of you must lift the corners simultaneously. This is very important for the table not to slide. It will also help in avoiding damage to the table. You have to move to the nearest door as soon as you have moved the corners.


Sometimes, the door opening is too small for the table to go out. You need to turn the table to make it look vertical. This will allow you to move the table outside. You may need to angle the corners of the table as you move it out. This will help in moving the table in an easy way. Get an american pool table now.

Prepare the truck outside of your house. Try to clear the truck for you to load the table easily. After you have loaded the table, you may need to wrap some parts that are sensitive. This is very important to avoid any scratches on the table. You may also need to put some straps on it. This will keep the table in its place while you are travelling. You have to secure the table in its place.


You have to unload the table from the truck carefully. Make sure that you will set up the legs before you put the table. The table must be properly leveled. It is indeed challenging to move the pool table that you have at home from one place to another. You need to remember the tips mentioned for you to be guided accordingly.


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