Myo Inositol – A Unique Nutrient

Eidolonai April 15, 2018

Myo Inositol – or simply known as inositol – is a form of a sugar. It is synthesized by our body. But it works differently from glucose.

When this nutrient is adequately maintained in our body, it helps for our various health benefits. While more presence of this nutrient in our body does not improve the health benefits, less of it would lead to major complications.

Lecithin is very important for structural integrity of the cells. Lecithin has an important component known as choline. Adequate choline is essential for the health of the brain, methyl group metabolism and nerve muscle function. Inositol helps to increase production of lecithin and work closely with choline to improve its effectiveness.

Inositol is very important for containing cholesterol. It ensures to prevent collection of fats in the liver. It also helps to promote healthy hair growth.

There are various other benefits of myo inositol. It is beneficial for diabetic neuropathy, panic disorder, cancer, insomnia, autism, ovarian syndrome etc.

Deficiency of inositol leads to constipation, ophthalmic related complications and high cholesterol, hair loss etc.

Cereals, especially with higher bran content, kidney beans, oranges, cantaloupes etc., have inositol in varied degrees. Since deficiency of this nutrient will cause potential health problems, one should ensure that our body is provided with adequate amount of this nutrient. Always the challenge is to offer adequate amount from sources having varied degrees of nutrients. Here comes in handy the natural nutritional supplement.

Not all the supplements claiming to be manufactured out of natural products will give you the benefits. They have to be manufactured under strict quality control under GMP conditions. I know for sure a natural nutrition supplement coming out of New Zealand complying with such requirements. The greatness of that product lies in its unique 100% natural sources sourced throughout the world. It contains more than 70 natural ingredients including myo inositol made out of rice bran. Brows my website and you will have wealth of information on nutrition, health and wellness.

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