Natural Wood Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 16, 2014
natural wood tree trunk coffee table

There are many available types and sizes of natural wood coffee table you can find on the internet. The online shops provide you various sizes and shapes, as well as various ranges of price. You can search and browse some products for after that you can consider whether they suit your need and budget. Reading some reviews can also help.

Tips and Review

Littlebranch Farm is one of the providers of natural wood table. The ideas are that they craft the table from quality wood slabs of burl. The slabs have many sizes, species and shapes, such as maple burl, cypress, redwood burl, myrtle, black walnut, buckeye burl and cherry. The color tones are unique with burl curl, while other movement can also give an organic feel to each of the table. With the natural wood coffee tables on the core of your room, the nature comes to life in your days. You can adjust the table to your room plans design.

One of the natural wooden tables that are provided by the Littlebranch Farm is the Myrtle slab with natural edge. The slab also has tones that are rich blackish up to tan. It is in a base, so it has nice shape. Another is the natural wood table that is made from a live edge redwood burl that comes with the root base. The measurement of this table is 32 inch wide and 44 inch long. The table also has nice pattern of burl and also some lace burls. This natural wood coffee table is priced $1100.

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