New Ways to Make Coffee

Eidolonai October 1, 2017

If you are anything like most people, then you likely love coffee. Coffee lovers can’t go more than a day, sometimes even a few hours, without wanting a cup and badly. Making your favorite in a coffee maker may get the job done, but there are definitely other ways to go about getting your favorite cup.

The Siphon/Vacuum brewer

One of the more interesting methods that you can try is the siphon/vacuum brewer, which is also referred to as the vacuum coffee maker. This novel way of making coffee isn’t new in and of itself. The process was developed in the 1830s. Part of the fun and charm of a siphon/vacuum is that the process is very novel. Water vapor pressure forces water into a chamber containing the ground beans. The result is a mechanism and process that may look a little bit like a turn of the century science project, but the vacuum coffee maker definitely produces great coffee and makes for a wonderful conversation piece.


A Chemex coffee maker is another novel way to make coffee. The Chemex design is based around the concept of the hourglass and may resemble a work of art more than a means for making coffee. As it is made of glass and often a wood collar, the Chemex has no working parts. This fact adds to its overall uniqueness.

The key part of the Chemex method is that it uses a very robust, chemistry grade filtering system that filters out a higher level of impurities than other filtering systems. Many believe that the end result is coffee that tastes much purer and better.

The method for making coffee with a Chemex coffee maker is actually fairly simple. One simply places the heavy-duty filter over the top of the Chemex in a cone shape. The next step is to pour your desired amount of coffee into the filter and then simply pour your hot water in afterwards. It might sound too simple to work. However, not only does it work, it works extremely well.

Part of the joy of owning a Chemex coffee maker is the novelty and “wow factor” that you can produce in those who are unfamiliar with its design. The Chemex’s design has long been recognized as being something of a work of art. Because of its looks as well as its unique functionality, there is no doubt that the Chemex is a rather unique and way to make coffee.

The Toddy

The Toddy is often employed in making iced coffee. The way that a Toddy coffee maker works is rather unique in that one literally soaks the coffee for several hours in the Toddy system. One of the byproducts is that the coffee will keep for several days, for this reason, the Toddy coffee maker is often a favorite of coffee shops and other establishments that serve iced coffee beverages. If you really enjoy iced coffee, this might be yet another method to try.

Try a Vacuum Coffee Maker or take a look at the famous Chemex Coffee Maker

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