New York Table Pad Company Offers Custom Made Table Pads

Eidolonai December 2, 2017

Table Pads Custom is a wholesale table pad company which manufactures custom made table pads which are ideal for dining room tables, kitchen tables, conference tables, buffet servers, kitchen tables and all other types of tables. We custom make table pads to fit all tables such as round table pads, oval table pads, rectangular table pads, square table pads and all custom shaped table pads. Each table pad is custom made to fit the exact shape and size of your table. Custom table pads have a 600 degree heatshield, lifetime warranty and magnetic locking system.

We are the nation’s leading table pad manufacturer, offering you a product that is second to none, simple to order and with warranties that no one else in our industry can match.

Table Pads Custom is a table pad company located in New York that manufactures custom table protector pads to protect dining room tables, kitchen tables, buffets/sideboards, coffee tables, conference tables, pool tables, and all other furniture and types of tables. We also make dining room table extender pads to increase seating capacity. Our latest product is Placemats and Table Paddies or mini-table pads for casual dining when your entire table doesn’t need table pad protection.

Table pads have been around close to 100 years. We take great pride in selling table pads to help protect your table. We have sold table pads to thousands of customers over the past 40 years. We have sold government agencies, sports teams, famous actors, former presidents and many other famous people. Simply put we are the leading Table Pad Company and our table pads are the best!

As long as fine tables are being made, there will always be a need for custom made table pads. There is not, nor will there ever be, a substitute that will adequately protect your table from heat, scratches and spills. The money you might spend today on a custom table pad will probably be one of your better investments in life. We don’t need to remind you how costly it is to repair or refinish a table surface. Any fine or simulated wood top can be easily damaged from setting down a sweating glass to accidentally dropping an object.

Custom Table Pads custom made to protect your Protective Table Pads, conference table and kitchen tables and buffet servers from heat, scratches and spills.


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