Office Conference Tables – For More Than Just Staff Meetings

Eidolonai February 1, 2018


An intrinsic part of conducting a thriving business is having a team of employees who perform well together. And part of creating a team of employees like this is ensuring that there is open communication and confidence among them. Communication, faith and even deference can be built  through meetings, team building, shared meals, and other activities that draw employees together. This  means that most any business owner who would have open communication in his or her organization will need conference tables.

Also referred to  as meeting tables, conference tables are large pieces of office furniture that can cater for larger  groups of people. You frequently hear of their use in terms of hosting meetings, but conference tables may be used for plenty of other functions besides the weekly staff meeting. Your boardroom could  easily double as a staff retreat, where your employees can convene for meals and conversation at the large tables there. Should you choose the appropriate types of tables, this style of double use room is simple to create.

For example, mobile flip top tables come in four different shapes. Used singularly, they may be placed around your multi use room to encourage interaction among small clusters of people during meals and such. Together, they can be turned into large arrangements of tables that permits groups of people to see each team member. For example, if you had three trapezoidal shaped tables, plus two or four rectangular tables, you could easily create a large U shape from your tables.

A further option would be to use six to eight circular or D shaped tables. Alone they would function as individual tables for smaller groups as previously discussed. Together, they could be organized  in a variety of layouts to accommodate large, shared gatherings and events.

It’s not easy to put a price on a crew of employees who work well together. But if you were to try, that price would come quite close to the cost of buying some modular conference tables for a multi-use room. A room that would encourage lively conversation and bonding among employees.


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