Our Unique Purpose

Eidolonai December 12, 2017

We have a great potential. We have so much potential that we can possibly make millions in money, influence generations of people and shape our world in our way. However, the average individual has the tendency to settle for far less than that of his caliber and then ponders the resultant discontentment and frustration with his life.

Our Inner Passion
There is a force within us that makes us dissatisfied and hungry for greatness. It drives us upward and onward towards the destination of our dreams and desires. A great deal of people, unfortunately tried to deaden that burning force by booze, watch TV aimlessly, making mere acquaintances and even attempting hazardous activities such as drugs abuse. But this force called Passion will not, and should never be denied. 

Our Life Belongs To Us
Every single human in this world has a unique purpose that he or she bears. That purpose as it means respectively different to each and every one of us, will enable us to live our life to the fullest as we want to. And the beginning point for realizing that purpose is simply self-ownership. It is about taking responsibility about our life and assertively moving on the road towards becoming everything that we are able to become.

What Your Life Should Be
Michael Jordan is a great basketball player. He plays basketball as if it is his life. That is why it is said by Magic Johnson that “There is Michael Jordan, and then there is the rest of us.” Now imagine if Michael Jordan were to become a scientist instead of a basketball player. Would he have become the legend that he is? Think of Bill Gates as an artist instead of a businessman. Are you becoming the legend that you should be?

View Yourself As The Boss
One of the great disappointments of our education system is that almost everyone is brought up to think of himself as an employee rather than an employer, as a boss of a company. Many people accept such a way of thought which unfortunately, causes unhappiness and mediocrity in life. That is why we often see ourselves as reliant on our jobs and that our superiors cannot be offended because one word from them, and we will be destroyed.

Here are three actions you can take to put these ideas into practice:

First, reflect on your dreams and your life. Accept nothing of mediocrity.

Second, see yourself as the boss of your own company; your current superiors are your customers.  Accept full responsibility for your work.

Third, draw up a game plan on what you want to do and by when you want it. Be very specific and go all the way and never look back!

Dias Lu is an aspiring entrepreneur who is pursuing his dreams as well as helping others in their quest for their dreams. While not actively pursuing his dreams, he will be practicing his martial arts, reading and writing articles. He believes that everyone has a right to their dreams and that perseverance and helping one another will achieve exactly those dreams. He continues to blogs and shares his ideas at http://www.diaslu.com


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