Outdoor Pool Tables – Why Every Woman Should Own One

Eidolonai December 29, 2017

Most guys fantasize about owning a pool or snooker table often only being beaten to fantasy first place by imagining themselves the owner and driver of a Porsche or million horse power speed boat. Ladies if you can’t afford a super fast boat or car, or you have serious visions of him coming to a super fast and sticky end in Porsche or jet boat, but love him enough at least this week, to be contemplating making house room for a pool table, perhaps you should consider an outdoor pool table.

Not to be too selfish but from a female point of view, there are believe it or not, a few more advantages to being the proud possessor of an outdoor pool table than you would at first think. One such advantage mainly attributed to the fact that a pool table ranks so highly on more guys fantasy wish list right next to the Porsche of course, having his own pool table is every guy’s biggest day dream. So that merely to agree that he can have one (without a fight) even only an outside table, you will be regarded with such high esteem, that for years you will never again have to complain or nag at him to take out the trash or to do his share of the yard work. As he will always want his outdoor recreation room in tip top shape for when his buddies call unexpectedly. Furthermore, none of his buddies are likely to own or in most cases ever even played on an outdoor pool table, you will have presented him with a gift of such outstanding novelty, a man toy of incomparable boast value bar none.

And just imagine now that you are the proud owner of this male magnet all of his visiting cronies will often remain outdoors sometimes never even entering the house, of course this depends also on just how much beer is being served. You will also discover to your delight an outdoor pool table also attracts children of almost any age from the curious toddler who can barely see on top of the table to the oh so broody and moody teens not just your own but visiting walking attitudes as well. What a pleasure to keep them out of doors, even in the coldest weather, teenagers are weird they are not affected by cold or even frostbite. All you have to do is insist that it is way too cold to play pool outdoors and mention that really you are very close to forbidding it entirely, and you won’t see them for dust. You won’t be troubled by them for many hours except perhaps for food.

And as far as younger kid’s birthday party events are concerned you’ll be the go to party place, after all everyone has a pool of some sort where as not everyone has an outdoor pool table, your home will become party head quarters for both the big boys, little boys, and little girls alike.

Outdoor pool tables add instant fun to all kinds of parties and barbecues. Make your next gathering not only ten times more entertaining by adding an outdoor pool table to your deck or backyard patio but a million times more memorable everyone will be talking for weeks ,as no one will be able to forget the party at the house that had the outdoor pool table. And who knows you might even learn to enjoy the game of pool, and then you will be able to work on your tan while you play.

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