The Beauty of Black Coffee Tables

EidolonaiApril 7, 2014
round black coffee tables
Right or not, for some people, the ideas of applying or choosing black color in furniture, including table, has a certain special reason. It is because the power of black will never end. This color is categorized as neutral color that can be fit and matched with any color, any designs and styles. Thus, when […]

Narrow Coffee Table, a Space Saver

EidolonaiApril 7, 2014
white narrow coffee table
Once home owners have plans to purchase housing stuff like furniture for their home, there always must be any problem come whether it is from the budget, limited space, function, material, and etc. For the term space, this is a very common thing that is faced by many people especially for those who live in […]

Shabby Chic Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 6, 2014
small shabby chic coffee table
Even though this is a modern era, still, everything that stays in the pass can be taken into where we live today. This also happens in the world of living and furniture, in which the design and touch of old characters are being involved in housing stuffs, including coffee table. Shabby chic coffee table is […]

Get a Relax Time with Patio Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 6, 2014
teak patio coffee table
There will be always time for gathering together with beloved families or friends. The best ideas and time for that are when having a tea or coffee time. Usually, an outdoor coffee table or simply at the patio of the house in order for those who enjoy the coffee can also feel the fresh air […]

Have a Free Mobile Coffee Table with Wheels

EidolonaiApril 6, 2014
wooden coffee table with wheels
It is common to have furniture whose characteristic itself is solid, massive and cannot be moved. If the furniture has been set in a certain spot, it is difficult to change it for other position when the home owners get bored with the layout interior or simply just for any urgent need. That is why; […]