Overview Of Antique Coffee Tables

EidolonaiSeptember 14, 2017
Definitely searching for antique coffee tables is not easy. Most of these beautiful pieces of craft work possess years of fond memories. The style and personality richness it brings along far outweighs what the modern tables have. For antique coffee tables when you finally settle on one which meets your individual style requirements then you […]

Furniture – Choosing a Coffee Table

EidolonaiSeptember 14, 2017
A coffee table can be a practical and attractive addition to your living room furniture. Here are some hints and tips on what to look for when choosing a coffee table. Table Size As with other types of furniture, the first thing to consider when buying a new coffee table is the size of table […]

How I Built a Lobster Trap Coffee Table

EidolonaiSeptember 14, 2017
The glass coffee table is a great focal point for any room. It can take the shape of anything because all you’re basically doing is putting a thick glass pane over a sturdy base and viola you have a nice looking coffee table. One of the designs I’ve made in the past gets a lot […]

Creating a Personal Glass Coffee Table

EidolonaiSeptember 14, 2017
Are you the artistic type? If so you may like the rooms in your home to also represent your artistic side. One great way to do this is with a glass coffee table in the living room. Think about what goes together better than art and coffee? Many a coffee house is filled with artistic […]

Fashionable Coffee Table Book Ideas for your Table

EidolonaiSeptember 13, 2017
Coffee table design is not complete without a stack of interesting to look at coffee table books that will enthral and entertain your visitors. Not only do they look chic when placed on the coffee table, but a lot of these books are one-of-a-kind collector’s items that add a unique touch to your display. Also, […]