Vintage Touch of Wine Barrel Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 14, 2014
wine enthusiat wine barrel coffee table
Furniture does not only stand for the matter and the color they present to the home owners. Other significant factor is also the design. Design brings a special effect to the visual attraction of furniture, for example coffee table. This table will be stunning and outstanding table, which can be different from the former common […]

Fit Yourself with Adjustable Height Coffee Table

EidolonaiApril 14, 2014
modern adjustable height coffee table
If the home owner’s problem when they try to find a proper table for their coffee time relates to the height of the table, the perfect solution and ideas can be adjustable height coffee table. Table, as we know, is, commonly made in a compact, solid, and the unchangeable shape. This makes people cannot use […]

Compact and Complete Coffee Table with Ottomans

EidolonaiApril 13, 2014
wood coffee table with ottomans
Coffee table with ottomans is one of great ideas to have a complete set of coffee table that is equipped with the seating. Sometimes, people are tired to mix and match the table with the chairs, since they might be sold separately. Thus, with the innovation in the furniture world, every home owner can be […]

Tree Trunk Coffee Table for Artistic Look

EidolonaiApril 13, 2014
wood tree trunk coffee table
Some people think that to purchase furniture, for example coffee table, the consideration that lies in the material is exactly important. However, this also leads, sometimes, to the artistic look ideas that the material can present to pamper the sight. Wood, for example, brings an art design with the tree trunk coffee table. This table […]

Solid Wood Coffee Table with Natural Details to Ornament

EidolonaiApril 13, 2014
unfinished solid wood coffee table
Your house needs more than just common details to make it look beautiful by adding a solid wood coffee table. This is how you can make your house look beautiful with simple natural details added in your living room. A solid wood is just a simple but creative idea to make your house look amazing […]