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Eidolonai October 30, 2017

A perfect cup of hot steaming coffee, the delicious smell of coffee along with the creamy froth brings a huge smile to everyone’s face. Every cup of coffee has its own identity; the flavour of coffee changes with the person making it, the steam coming for the cup has its own language of reaching people out. The art of coffee making is a gift given to few, and the ones who treasure it, live to create the magic of this divine poison.

Coffee people a part of Diedrich coffee family, provides the most popular traditional coffee beans and powder for any normal household. The initial marketing plan of the brand was to reach the common household. However, today with the help of Diedrich Coffee’s special coffee roaster, the brand creates spectacular blends to match the traditional recipes.

Coffee people initially had a huge market in Oregon, but after some time it got acquired by Diedrich family.  In 1983 the first coffee house of the brand was opened in Portland. Today every location of Coffee people is bought out and changed in Starbucks, except for the Portland Airport. Diedrich family has successfully retained the full ownership of the brand inside Portland Airport.

Bold Coffee, Bold Personality, was one of the first marketing mottos used in the coffee market. I brought out a whole new dimension in marketing the traditional recipes. There are three different categories of coffees and they are K-Cups, Whole beans and bulk coffee. All these varieties are again available in different roasts starting from light, medium and dark. Coffee people have different merchandises like coffee cups and mugs, brewers, filters, vacuum tumblers with and without handle. There are four stores of the brand at the Portland Airport and they are located at north concourse, concourse B, concourse C and Food court respectively.


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