Photo Coffee Mugs For Uniquely Distinctive Gift Giving

Eidolonai October 14, 2017

Gift giving can be challenging especially when there’s a tight budget. Regardless of the occasion, the goal is to find a distinctive gift that has meaning and that will be sincerely appreciated by the recipient. Pulling that off consistently and within the budget is something of a fine art. Those who master the art of gift giving do have a secret of success: they don’t wait for an occasion to start thinking about gift ideas. They keep their eyes open always for unique ideas, perhaps a new twist on an old proven theme. One of those is the ubiquitous coffee mug.

The coffee mug is an endlessly practical item. It serves coffee, tea, cocoa, and soup. Filled with ice cream it’s a sundae mug. It’s a vase for the wildflowers the kids picked this morning. It’s an adorable planter for kitchen window herbs. It’s a desk pen and pencil holder or mini-basket to hold other goodies inside. It holds Fido’s treats, the family toothpaste and brushes, and the pediatrician’s lolly pops. A memorable mug is guaranteed to find a place of prominence for one use or many. It’s simply too useful to discard.

A well-chosen design, photo, and/or message will transform the humble, practical coffee mug into a personalized item that will be cherished and used for years. Photo coffee mugs offer amazing potential for unique, distinctive gifts for all ages and interests. What Mom and Dad wouldn’t love to have a mug with their children’s smiling faces to begin a work day? Ol’ Fido’s humans would adore seeing his face on a coffee mug as well. A mug with the couple’s wedding picture is a wonderful anniversary gift. With a small bouquet inside, it would be a lovely centerpiece for a table of nostalgic pictures and items from the couple’s life together.

Children love to see their pictures on mugs! Create a fun or silly cartoon design incorporating the child’s picture and name for a birthday gift the child will never forget. Dress up the photo coffee mug gift by filling it with flowers, candies, toys, or other items or include it with other related items. Select a variety of flavored coffees or herbal teas for adults or cocoa and cookies for a child and arrange them in a pretty basket or other creative container with the personalized mug for a classic winner. For any occasion and for any recipient, a customized mug is always a terrific gift.

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