Picnic Table Sets For Different Lifestyles

Eidolonai December 20, 2017

A picnic table set can be a great investment for anyone who has the desire to move their dining room environment to the great outdoors. Just like any family or business, picnic table sets are very diverse and can be purchased to meet your different needs.

The first thing to look for when purchasing any picnic table set is the seating. They come with either attached or separate benches to sit on. Separate benches are beneficial because they are more adjustable to ensure the comfort of everyone at the table by allowing the individual to choose how far they can sit from the table. Extra seating is also easier with separate benches but must be purchased separately most of the time. Unattached benches would be the best idea for a family because it caters to the needs of each individual who will be sitting there.

Picnic table sets are also valuable investments for businesses with outdoor dining and seating. Metal or aluminum picnic table sets are the most efficient for long-term use in the outdoors and usually come in a variety of colors. Concrete sets are reinforced with steel and can also be a very valuable investment. Because concrete is very heavy and durable, they are usually the most expensive but they are also the most theft-proof of all the sets available. Metal, aluminum and concrete picnic table sets are pretty easy to care for with very little maintenance required. Any outdoor, commercially used picnic table should have an umbrella hole in the center to provide your patrons with comfort and block from sun or potential rain.

Wooden picnic table sets are the most standard type for families and can be a great investment for family parties or outdoor barbeques. Most come in red or white cedar wood which will not decay or rot over long exposure to rain or sunlight.

For a family with small children, specially made children’s sets can be purchased as well. These can be purchased for any young age and often come with designs or games printed on the table top. Many also include small umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun.

Families or groups who enjoy travelling or camping, foldable picnic tables are available. These are very easy to transport and assemble and come in either metal and/or plastic designs. They can also be purchased with either attached or separate benches.

Sets can also be purchased especially for a family with a member who is handicapped with a wheelchair and can be found in just about any material from concrete, metal or wood. These include any shape or design from rectangular, round or octagonal. Most rectangular sets have an extended table top at the end to fit a wheelchair or extra seat. The round or octagonal shaped tables leave one side of benches out to fit a wheelchair in the spot.

Some individuals like a classier look, even when it comes to picnic tables. Glass-top sets may also be purchased for indoor or outdoor use and the glass tops are usually placed atop a wicker or wrought iron frame. These require much more care and polishing but can be a beautiful addition to a home.

Picnic table sets can be purchased for any lifestyle and can be as diverse as each individual who will occupy them.

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