Picnic Tables Can Be Used Anywhere

Eidolonai November 21, 2017

Picnic tables are tables that have built-in bench seats. They come in many sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of applications in both indoor and outdoor environments. They are used in residential backyards, parks, public squares, indoor food courts in malls, and school playgrounds.

These tables can be built from wood, plastic, metal, or stone. Our purpose here is to look at the benefits of metal tables as the best possible option for the average application. Wood, no matter how well it is treated, will eventually rot.

Stone is actually more durable than metal, but it can be broken by vandalism and is therefore not the best choice for areas where criminal mischief occurs. Plastic is durable, but also lightweight and easy to steal.

Most vendors recommend metal picnic tables for the sake of practical use, longevity, and security. Each table is thermoplastic coated to make its metal superstructure even more durable than it originally is. Thermoplastic is a special powder coating that is applied to metal with a combination of electromagnetism and heat.

First, the powder is electrically charged. The metal is giving the opposing charge so the powder will magnetically adhere to its surface. After this, the powder and the metal are heated so that the coating forms a thick, corrosion resistant surface over the metal.

This makes the metal that much more resistant to rain, temperatures, and the deleterious effects of ultraviolet light. Paint retains its color for years as a result. Also, the very nature of thermoplastic itself makes the table vandal resistant. If the coating is cut, it can be melted back together with a heat gun.

Picnic tables that are protected by this thermoplastic coating are ideal for use in heavy traffic areas like malls, retail centers, and town squares. With 16 color choices, exterior architecture can be easily complimented with a highly durable, and very practical, outdoor dining area.

Security is further ensured by surface mounting the tables to concrete. Once bolted to a sidewalk or patio, these tables are immobile and almost impossible for the average thief to unbolt and carry off.

Metal tables are made with a variety of designs to accommodate special environments. In parks, the rectangular design is most popular because looks more like the traditional wooden tables of the past century. Special handicapped accessible tables are available to accommodate disabled persons that visit the park.

Octagonal tables are highly decorative and work very well in theme parks. They are also popular in public gardens and with some residential homeowners who want to add a special flare to their back yards.

Childrens picnic tables are round. The absence of any sharp corners makes them safe for oftentimes restless children to bump into as they jostle about in their seats. The risk of injury is minimized as a result. Also, the seats on a child’s table are much lower to the ground to prevent a severe fall from occurring.

Square tables are the favored style of the commercial world. The majority of office buildings are surrounded by very conservative modern landscapes that follow principles of basic geometry and strict minimalism. The square design offers a symmetry, balance, and angularity that ideally blend with contemporary motifs.

All picnic tables can be fitted with sun umbrellas that block harmful ultraviolet sunlight. It is strongly recommended that all children’s tables be fitted with umbrellas to protect kids from sunburn. When sunburn is minimized in a child’s formative years, the risk of skin cancer in adulthood is dramatically reduced.

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