Pine Tables – Environmentally Sustainable and Loved For Their Elegance

Eidolonai December 16, 2017

Pine wood

Pine tree is one of the most abundant species in the world. Tables and other furniture made of Pine are considered environmentally sustainable. This is because this is one tree species which is not under any threat of extinction. There are several pinewood manufacturing companies which label themselves as ‘Carbon Neutral’. This is because these companies support the tree plantations which absorb the gases causing ozone-depletion. These species are endemic in some tropical zones, the Northern hemisphere and Sumatra. The Pine has become invasive in many regions of the Southern hemisphere.

Types and Styles

Solid pine has always been on a high demand because it can be crafted to different furniture styles. No wonder, the solid pine tables, many of which are often found with intricate engravings, have always topped the popularity charts. But since, tables made of this soft wood are vulnerable to scratches; these are coated with varnish or waxed. Also, pine tables are quite a favorite because of the highly diverse texture, grain and color of this wood.
Typically, tables made of pinewood are used as coffee tables, dining tables, kitchen tables, workplace tables, computer tables and farmhouse tables. Also, the traditionally designed and antique pine tables, which are loved for their elegance, are comparatively reasonably priced. The Mexican rustic pinewood tables are a real favorite in this genre. While the traditional tables bear lesser sheen and are a tad darker in shade, their country style counterparts bear a worn look with a lighter to medium dark shade.


The scratches in your pine table can be repaired using the following steps:
· First, the damaged area should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
· The scratch should then be removed using sandpaper with fine grains.
· Then the damage can be blended with the application of white spirit on the scratched surface before sealing the surface with wood wax.

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