Savour the World’s Most Refreshing Coffee – Philippine Civet Coffee

Eidolonai January 29, 2018

Philippine civet coffee is the most refreshing coffee which soothes the mind and body with its every single sip. Its rareness, exotic origin and provenance make it even more fascinating. The aficionados and connoisseurs of coffee find this rare and expensive coffee overwhelming for its mellow aroma, spiciness and lack of bitterness.

Philippine Civet Coffee, known as Kape Musang Kopi Luwak in Philippines, is produced at a height of 1800 to 1970 metres above sea level in the highlands of Benguet region, Philippines. The coffee beans are collected from the civet dung, thoroughly washed and then sun dried before roasting and brewing. The low availability of civet coffee and the production process involving a lot of labour are collectively responsible for the high cost of Philippines Civet Coffee.

Let’s have a glance at the provenance of civet coffee. Early production of civet coffee began when the coffee beans were collected in the wild from where a civet would defecate so as to mark its territory. Since these coffee beans are gathered from the faeces of civet, the coffee so produced is called Civet Coffee.

For the increasing popularity of civet coffee and the high income it brings, civet farming has become a custom for the local community who earlier hunted them. Civets are fed raw berries lavishly and the coffee beans are gathered from the faeces produced. Civets eat the coffee cherries for their fruit pulp and pass the coffee beans inside. Enzymes in their stomach when work on these beans add the soothing aroma and flavour to them.

Since production of civet coffee is usually 1000 pounds in a year and it averagely costs between USD 100 and USD 600 per pound, it is not easily available in all coffee stores. The online coffee sellers are thus a boon for the connoisseurs of civet coffee. Just a few mouse clicks bring a list of websites of civet coffee sellers in no time. The buyers can search for the lucrative deals on these websites and place their orders. Thus, sitting at home the buyers can get the world’s most refreshing coffee in well packed boxes and at lucrative price too.

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