Seagrass Coffee Table for Exotic Beauty

Eidolonai April 24, 2014
woven seagrass coffee table

Every material to be made into furniture stands for its own and unique characteristics. However, not every material is used widely by people since the common material is preferably chosen. One of the most used materials is wood, likely because it is easily found and solid. However, in certain furniture like coffee table, wood looks weary and clumsy. Thus, other alternative material should being adapted to make good ideas of unique furniture with seagrass coffee table. This furniture gives an exotic and romantic touch with its natural pattern. No wonder that so many resorts and hotels use it.

Seagrass Maintenance

Home owners must have plans to do the proper maintenance of a seagrass coffee table. Things you will need are vacuum cleaner, damp cloth and washing machine. First, you need to remove any accessory and ornaments in the table. After that, wash it based on the manufacturer’s guideline. If there is any stain, clean it well. Then, using the brush, you can vacuum the table from the dust or food crumbs. After it is being vacuumed, wipe every side of the seagrass table with a damp cloth and keep it away from a direct sunlight. This is done to avoid the table from discoloration.

Purchase Your Exotic Table

There are two recommended products with good reviews. The first table is BirdRock Home Seagrass Coffee Table. In the top of the table, the seagrass woven appears neat with deep brown golden color. Equipped by a black table foot with a space in the bottom that can be used for storage, this $249.99 table is reliable to purchase. Other seagrass coffee table is Household Essentials Seagrass Coffee Table. This rectangular shape table is not only exotic but also unique for coffee time companion.

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