Selecting Teak Tables For Your Home

Eidolonai November 30, 2017

Being selective about the type of furniture you put in your house is a good practice. Often, authentic furniture such as tables, lounge chairs and dining room chairs are expensive and therefore real investments.

You would not want to invest in something that would not match the over-all scheme of your interior decoration, or would not fit the allowable space inside your home.

If you have a family of more than three, an oval teak table would be appropriate. With a maximum capacity of six, oval teak tables can easily accommodate a family of four with room to spare. Because of the rounded design, oval teak tables can match nearly any kind of furniture orientation inside your home.

If you have a larger family (more than six people eating at dinner at a time), then a rectangular teak table would be more appropriate. Most rectangular teak tables are 71 inches in length, and can easily accommodate eight persons. The ideal size for rectangular table on the other hand is for six if you are looking for a table with plenty of elbowroom.

What do you do when you have a similarly designed wooden table but need more space? Simply, you can purchase an extension teak table, which has extending the maximum capacity by four.

Do the math now: a regular table can seat six, plus four, that is already ten. Extension tables are best during those seasons of the year when friends and family come over. After the festivities, you can easily disassemble the table and put it away for next year.

If you do not have much legroom in your dining area, you can opt for a square teak table. Square teak tables are smaller, but can still comfortably seat three or four people.

In the event that you wish for a more round figure in your dining area, or in your picnic area, get a round teak table. Round teak tables are no less sturdy, and of course, occupy less space than rectangular variants.

Regular round, teak tables are 47 inches across, and can support about two or three people. If you want something more substantial, you can get larger flip tables that are about five feet across.

Often because of the design, flip tables can only support four people. As for the largest variants, six feet is the maximum size. Six-foot round table can seat about six or seven people, and have plenty of legroom. Then of course, you can choose small folding tables to accompany your large dining table.

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