Shabby Chic Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 6, 2014
small shabby chic coffee table

Even though this is a modern era, still, everything that stays in the pass can be taken into where we live today. This also happens in the world of living and furniture, in which the design and touch of old characters are being involved in housing stuffs, including coffee table. Shabby chic coffee table is an example of ideas that is signed by a unique appearance. This style, which is coming from Great Britain style, has various types such as French country, cottage chic and Swedish.

Get Your Own Shabby Chic Style

Instead of purchasing a coffee table in the market, you freely have plans for creating your own shabby chic tables. First thing to try is to place the table on a rug, which is faded. In case you do not have a similar set of chairs, this is a fortune for you to create a mismatched seating which can be covered using any cloth you like. Other thing that you can try is to relate every simple thing that shabby chic style has, for example you can have coffee vintage cups for your precious moment with family to enjoy coffee. Linen napkins that can be covered in the table also strengthen this style.

There are 2 recommended shabby chic coffee tables. The first one is Coffee table, circular shabby chic, cabriole legs that appears elegantly with a proper size and a wave pattern in the table sides. Being offered only in $0.99, this is very agreeable to purchase. Other choice is Lovely shabby chic wooden plant stand. This shabby chic coffee table is best used for two persons to enjoy the happiness while drinking coffee with the table’s simple look yet adorable design. However, before purchasing, it is better for you to check for the reviews.

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