Single Cup Coffee Maker

Eidolonai December 8, 2017

A single cup coffee maker is the most popular machine that is used in the home. Brewing your own coffee at home gives you that authentic cafe taste without resorting to an expensive set up. These days coffee makers are very affordable and come in a range of styles.

The single cup machine is highly popular as it is low maintenance. They are also very easy to use even if you’ve never used a coffee machine before. They are closed system machines which means that you can only use the type of coffee that comes with the machine. However if you regularly drink the one type and prefer it, that won’t be an issue.

Some of the most popular brands of single cup coffee makers are Douwe Egberts and Nespresso. If you buy either brand you would need to use the same brand of coffee on the respective machine.

Without a doubt, ease of use is the main reason for the popularity of single serve machines. The minor drawback of coffee brand limitation does not worry most people.

But for people who wish to work around this limitation, some makers are giving out instructions on how to make your own pods. At first the industry did not like this practice as it was considered a type of piracy, but are starting to embrace it more as it increases competition and thus, sales increase as well. Senseo are leading the way in custom made pods. It means you can use any type of coffee in the brewer thanks to coffee ducks and pod makers.

A beginner can brew amazing coffee with a single cup coffee maker. You’ll get excellent gourmet taste, no fuss, low maintenance and no mess. Above all, you’ll save money in the long run by making your own coffee at home instead of paying significantly more at a coffee shop.

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