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Eidolonai March 20, 2018

The past decade has seen many changes wrought in the world of coffee. The simple coffee has many recipes and comes as cappuccino, latte etc. The coffee shop is now a café and the person serving coffee is no longer a waiter – s/he is referred to as a barista. And when you go for that steaming cup of coffee, the chances are that it will be dispensed from a Jura coffee machine or a cappuccino coffee machine.

Cappuccino is a gift from Italy to the world and has become a rage among coffee lovers of the world. With its sweet smooth irresistible taste enslaving the drinker from the very first sip, it has become a staple in Europe. It is simply made with espresso and milk. While earlier it used to be made manually, the cappuccino coffee machine is now used all over the world.

The recipe for cappuccino is hotly contested by region but a generally accepted method is one part espresso, one part steamed milk and one part frothed milk. Some people prefer it as 1/3 rd espresso and 2/3 rd micro foam, which is also acceptable. The right kind of coffee machine for you is one which makes the coffee according to the strength or richness you like. While shopping for your cappuccino coffee machine , don’t lose sight of your budget.

Jura is a Swiss company specializing in producing small Jura coffee machines that are able to make perfect express coffee in two cups at one go. It is an old reputed company producing perfect coffee machines for the great coffee aroma taste. The Jura coffee machines built-in automatic brewing system allows the user to select between great black coffee, a latte, cappuccino or espresso with equal ease. It is easy on the maintenance side too, so the user does not have much to do. The cleaning process has to be done only every 200 cups or so.

Other impressive inbuilt features of the Jura coffee machines are the power saving features and brewing system. Jura has built in a zero energy switch, which completely disconnects the machine for the mains electricity supply when it is not in use. This means a hefty saving on the electric bill and greener energy saving planet.

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