Spending $4 a Day on Coffee Costs $1400 a Year, I Can Help You Buy a Home Espresso Machine Instead

Eidolonai November 14, 2017

The numbers are simple and true, the yearly cost of one coffee per day costs as much as a Super Automatic Espresso machine.  Today it is all about saving money, cutting back on expenses and trying to enjoy a few pleasures in life.  Now if you have a household of two people, double those expenses for a realistic view of how much money you are spending on your daily dose.  And, if you are like me and you indulge in more than one coffee beverage per day the costs are to high to admit.  So, let’s be realistic about true costs and true savings and learn what your options are when it comes to brewing your own.

A look at the numbers will tell you how much you can afford to spend on an espresso machine.  If you are a daily coffee drinker and you simply purchase regular coffee the amount is less,  If you drink a specialty espresso beverage such as a vanilla latte’ or a cappuccino then the cost will be more.  If there are two coffee drinkers in your home consider the cost of two purchases per day.  More coffee drinkers, obviously means more money spent on those addictive caffeinated beverages.  The more you are spending per day dictates the amount you can realistically afford to spend on an espresso machine.

How much does it really cost to make a cappuccino or latte using a home espresso machine?  Using the best coffee beans, flavoring syrups, milk, and other toppings, you can expect to average a cost of fifty cents per beverage.  So let’s do the simple math and figure out how much cash you will save toward the purchase of a new  espresso machine . If you are saving $ 3.50 per day per beverage, not including gas or your time in line, you will save over $ 1200 per year.  Remember that is considering the savings based on drinking only one per day.  You can get a pretty nice Super Automatic Espresso Machine for that amount of money.

Considering the huge savings, the convenience, and the best tasting espresso beverages customized to your own liking, there is no reason to avoid purchasing one of these wonderful espresso machines.  These machines operate so simply, most often with the touch of one button.  I don’t know anyone who has been disappointed with the quality, of the espresso produced by these fascinating machines.  Get smart, save money, enjoy your espresso beverage from the convenience of your home or office.  Make the purchase of an espresso machine and watch your investment pay off. 

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