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Eidolonai November 1, 2017

Many companies mistakenly assume that because an exhibit must be placed upon a table, it will have less impact than other trade show displays. If you’re comparing table-top options alongside large custom booths, that’s probably true. But when you use smaller exhibits, it’s more likely that you’re presenting alongside other smaller exhibits, meaning that your size isn’t a handicap.

The trick to having a great presence is to understand what types of portable displays are available, and then choose the right one for your company. From highly mobile options that pack easily in integrated containers to classic exhibit boards, most businesses can find a good solution for their budget.

Classic Portable Displays

The most traditional exhibits are the ones that have been used for decades. They are typically constructed in three parts, with two sides flanking and supporting a middle panel. They may have a header sign that goes across the top, adding stability and additional space. The better quality exhibits will have hinges attaching the center panel and the sides. This basic design exists in many different sizes and has other small variations, but remains relatively constant. All of them are meant to be used as table top displays.

Portable booths of this style are typically very affordable and lightweight. The main determinant for both will be what materials are used. The best in terms of long-term usability and utility is to have a Velcro-style backing, allowing different images to be attached and detached with ease. However, the Velcro material can be somewhat heavy, making it difficult to travel with such a display. This is a case where there is a tradeoff between the two options, and companies must choose whether a lightweight exhibit or a highly versatile choice is more important.

Innovative New Options For Table Top Displays

In response to a demand for added portability, many companies now produce a variety of exhibits made specifically with travel in mind. These exhibits literally incorporate a travel case into their design, allowing them to be set up and taken down very easily as needed. There are two main categories that differentiate these types of exhibits. The first type incorporates some form of hard shell case, something perhaps made to look like a briefcase. The other type involves a soft case, typically made from nylon or some other durable fabric.

There is not much of a durability difference between the two styles. Both will serve well and last for a long time. However, a hard shell case will obviously offer more protection to trade show displays. A soft nylon case can’t prevent hard impacts from scarring what is carried inside. Hard shell, however, means that it is less portable and heavier. Yet a briefcase style is a sleek look, and can easily be carried by one person. The tradeoff there is size: briefcases must be small.

Picking The Best Trade Show Displays

Your perfect booth will have the balance of portability, utility, and price. That balance will depend on your company, and might even change over time. Be sure that you do consider it as a balance; don’t let any one aspect dominate and neglect all the others. The best trade show displays come from careful consideration, and when they do, they give great results.

Chris Harmen writes for the leading producer of trade show displays for San Antonio, Skyline. From custom installations to portable displays, San Antonio knows that Skyline delivers.


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