Stays Earthy and Safe with Reclaimed wood Coffee Tables

Eidolonai April 18, 2014
square reclaimed wood coffee table

There are various types of furniture to purchase that can be categorized by the materials. Not many people know that some materials might spend the chemical process or contain certain substances which might affect to human’s health and living. Plastic, for instance, is the easiest thing to find but has the most dangerous effect. This is made from the fuel soils and energy resources that contain polyetholyn and phthalates. Phthalates is considered dangerous for adult’s health and for the baby’s. This could affect embryo’s gender disorientation. The baby might born and have characteristic’s of the opposite gender. If the baby is male, he might contract some characters that tend to female. Thus, this is not one of good ideas to make this as furniture. Instead, any safe material from reused wood can be made into furniture, for example reclaimed wood coffee tables.

How to Care Reclaimed

There are some plans and tips to care a reclaimed table. You need to sweep the entire surface of the table using a wet cloth and a dry cloth in the finishing for absorbing more water. Since there will be a color change in the furniture, keep your coffee table away from the direct sunlight. If the table is placed outdoor, use canopy for the protection or blinds if is placed at the deck.

Product Purchasing

There are many products sold online with reviews. The first one is Reclaimed Pallet Wood Coffee Table with Country Style. This white is strongly seen with the country style that appears in a neutral color so that it can be mixed in any decorative ornaments. The alternative product to purchase is very unique with its natural shape of trunk, delivered by Rare Reclaimed Wood Oak Tree Side Table or Modular Coffee Table. This reclaimed wood coffee tables makes your coffee time more interesting and enjoyable.


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