Stays Eco Friendly with Tree Stump Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 14, 2014
wood tree stump coffee table

Every piece of furniture must have wasted some waste either from the chemicals or from the overused materials that can pollute the earth, land and water that indirectly give a bad impact to animate things. Thus, the ideas of creating tree stump coffee table for the furniture, is very agreeable choice. The materials can be easily achieved from the nature, which comes from trees and it is free. There will be no chemical process like what possibly did to metal or aluminum material. Besides its eco friendly benefit, this coffee table also stands beautiful because of its earthy natural unique stump shape and look.

How to make Stump Table

Plans of doing a project stump table are a smart choice. The handy stump to make comes from pine and cedar, which is categorized as softwoods. Remove the roots from the stump and clean it off. Then cut the foot ball in the bottom to make the proper foot table. If there is any still foot spreading, reduce it using a grinder in order to create a smooth surface to the table. After that, you need to sand the bottom and top part of the stump using a sander and until it is perfectly smooth evenly, finish the stump with a coating for the protection and semi gloss effect.

Online markets provided with the reviews also sell the stump table. Unique tree stump coffee table from Acapulco, which is offered in $500.00, for example, will bewitch you with its artistic design in its complicated branches shapes. Other table is Stunning Rustic Maple Hollowed Log Stump Art. This base of coffee table is stunning with the color gradation. With the last touch of wooden table or glass in the top, the table will soon find its perfect mates.

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