Super Beneficial Earthy Rattan Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 4, 2014
rattan coffee table

We all know that coffee tables are sometimes important to have for those who like to enjoy having a good time with families or friends while enjoying a cup of coffee. However, the tables are somehow not strong enough or get easily fade when they are placed outdoor. Rattan coffee table ideas become the best solution since the material is weather resistance so that they can stand against the sun when they are being set outside the house. Moreover, once somebody accidentally spill some coffee, then the dirt can be easily cleaned off from the surface of the table because the material absorbs the liquid.  A brown neutral colour which closes to nature will also strengthen its quiet, warm and homey atmosphere.

Rattan Maintenance

If you have plans to have rattan furniture, you must know the maintenance. You can clean a rattan table with a detergent which has been stirred in some water. Wipe the surface using the bubbles of that liquid and if you find cracks, you can use toothbrush. After that, you must wipe it again using a dry and soft cloth. Do this regularly once a week.

Recommended Products

There are 3 recommended products that get good reviews. Pelangi Rattan Wicker Coffee Table with Glass is good in its design for the rattan is being combined with a glass in the surface. This is your durable and beautiful coffee time companion. Other choice is Hospitality Rattan Seagrass Coffee Table with Glass – Natural. This simple Rattan coffee table is very perfect to be placed in both indoor and outdoor for its natural yet eye catching look.

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