Table Centerpiece Ideas For Your Wedding

Eidolonai December 28, 2017

Coming up with those perfect table centerpiece ideas for your wedding can be very difficult sometimes. After all the centerpiece is what everyone is going to be spending a lot of time looking at while they eat, so you want it to be something they enjoy.

Depending on what you are planning for your reception will greatly impact what you use as a centerpiece, so you may want to decide things like if you will have a line, serve a meal or just refreshments, or have a live band and dancing.

If you are not planning on doing a dinner then a the best centerpiece is food. You could have a few tables with stacked trays of cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. Then on a few more tables you could have large bowls full of brightly colored fruit that is pre-cut. Then you can add some ribbon and glitter to the table and trays to give it a classy look.

If you are serving a dinner but like the idea of food being in the center then you could have just a very small wedding cake to cut for pictures and then have sheet cakes arranged ornamentally in the center of the table, then when you cut the cake all the guests can be served cake from the centerpiece.

These table centerpiece ideas have been cropping up at a few weddings I’ve gone to and most guest find it very interesting. You gather objects that having meaning to you as the couple and then objects that had meaning to you while growing up. Then at each table you include a few of these objects with little notes as to why they were or still are meaningful to you.

The last of my table centerpiece ideas would be to use candles. Candles are relatively inexpensive and you can do so many different things with them to create some eye-catching centerpieces. For instances you could arrange 4-8 on a mirror for a dazzling effect that works great for evening receptions. Or do floating candles in a bowl, or even place them on doilies with ribbon and cotton around.

If you would like more wedding centerpiece ideas, then you need to head over to my blog Wedding Centerpiece for the best candle, floral, and fall ideas out there.


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