Table Pad Company Offering Protective Table Pads At Wholesale Prices

Eidolonai October 7, 2017

Table Pads Custom is a table pad company that manufactures protective table pads for dining room tables, conference tables, buffet servers, coffee tables, kitchen tables and all other types of tables and furniture. Our table pad company offers custom made protective table pads to protect your table from heat , scratches and spills. Our table pads come with our lifetime warranty, magnetic locking system and 600 degree heatshield. Our table pads are made with top of the line materials including a fiberboard inner core which is far superior than a cardboard table pad. Table Pads have been around over 100 years. We are proud to offer our magnetic locking system which is by far the best table pad locking system on the market. Our table pads are wholesale priced and the best quality of any table pad. Our protective table pads are not just for wood tables – protect your glass and tile tables from hair-line cracks, heat and scratches. Table Pads will protect and preserve your table so that it looks the same it did the first day you bought it. Preserve and protect your table tops finish with a custom made table pad today.

Custom Made Table Pad Shapes – We make each table pad to order so we can make table pads for any shape or size.

Below are a few shapes that are popular:

-Rectangular Table Pads
-Rectangular with Rounded Corners Table Pad
-Rectangular with Concave Corners Table Pads
-Rectangular with Patterned Ends Table Pad
-Rectangular with Clipped Corners Table Pads
-Oval Table Pad
-Oval with Scalloped Corners Table Pad
-Octagon Table Pad
-Round Table Pad
-Square Table Pad
-Boat Shaped Table Pad
-Capsule Table Pad
-Arrow Head Table Pad
-Square Table Pad

Advantages of Our Table Pads:

-Protects your table including extension leaves
-Fine Dining / Daily Use
-Protects Delicate Finishes and Antique tables From Heat, Scratches and Spills
-1/2 Inch Thick
-Protects up to 600
-Choice of any Woodgrain, Leathertones, or Traditional Solid Top and 5 Velvet Bottoms
-Lifetime Warranty
-Magnetic Locking System
-Custom Made To Fit All Shapes and Sizes
-Lightweight Fiberboard Inner Core
-Wholesale Pricing on Table Pads

For more information on custom made table pads visit our table pad website at

Table Pads Custom manufactures table pads for dining room table pads, conference table pads, buffet servers, kitchen table pads and lots of other table top protection products. Our custom Table Pad will protect your table top from heat, scratches and spills. Table Pads Custom is the leading website for custom table pads for all shaped tables such as round, oval, square and rectangular.

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