Table Space Corruption Makes DB2 Database Tables Inaccessible

Eidolonai December 8, 2017

DB2 is an enterprises RDBMS (Relations Database Management System) that offers efficient data safety and high-availability of your precious data. It stores the data in tables. The database tables are further stored in the table space. If the table space gets damaged due to any reason, then all the tables become inaccessible. This behavior causes severe data loss and put you in need of DB2 database recovery solutions if there is no updated backup in place.

DB2 table space may get damaged due to several reasons, which include both logical and physical factors. The corruption renders database inaccessible, causing serious data loss. Corruption is usually detected by various error messages that you encounter while mounting the database.

In a practical scenario, DB2 table space is marked as offline after a hardware crash. After replacing the damaged hardware component, when you try to change the state of the table from offline to online, you do not get expected results. In place of changing the status of the table space, DB2 database gives you the below error-

“Error: DB21034E the command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a valid Command Line Processor command.”

After this behavior, you cannot perform any operation on the faulty database. When you run DB2DART on the affected database, it confirms the table space corruption and you encounter further error message that states-

“ERROR: One or more object tables or DMS tablespaces are corrupt. Some tablespaces may not be

In such cases, you need to identify the cause of this behavior and take proper DB2 recovery steps to fix the problem and recover DB2 database.


This issue occurs due to corruption to the table space that is caused by hardware failure on DB2 server.


You can isolate the given issue and recover DB2 data using any of the below solutions-

Drop the faulty table space and then recreate it using the attributes of the original table space.
Restore DB2 database from the most recent and valid backup. It is the easiest DB2 recovery mechanism.
When all else fails, use third-party DB2 repair software to ensure absolute recovery of your mission-critical data from the damaged database.

DB2 database recovery software come equipped with advanced DB2 recovery algorithms to recover DB2 database in all corruption scenarios. The DB2 repair software are totally safe and easy to use and are very much useful for above case of data loss.
Stellar Phoenix DB2 Recovery is a secure application that repairs and restores damaged DB2 database using powerful DB2 database recovery algorithms.

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