Table Tennis Tips for Beginners

Eidolonai January 18, 2018

Table tennis is a great sport! It’s fun in your den, or in your basement, or anywhere else you might play it. A lot of your friends play, but you’ve just decided that you want to pick up the hobby. Here are a few table tennis tips to get you started!

First, you’ll need a racquet and a ball of your own. If you’re playing at a friend’s home or another facility, you really don’t need your own table and net. Purchasing a racket means being aware that you’ll need one that is made specifically for beginners. If you purchase one made for more experienced players, it might not work for you. Purchasing balls is the easiest part! If you want to play competitively, white and orange balls are the ones declared legal. Since you’re just starting out, it won’t matter if you have other colors.

Before you start memorizing rules, just get the hang of things. Since you’re just hitting around, deciding who serves isn’t a huge deal but typically, you’ll flip a coin. Hold the ball in the hand that isn’t holding a racquet, toss the ball up into the air, and then hit it to the other side of the table. Your opponent will return the ball and you’ll hit it back and forth. Of course, it will take you a little while to get into a rhythm since it’s your first time. Just like any sport, it takes practice, so don’t get discouraged!

Now that you’ve practiced and you’ve fallen in love with the sport, it’s time to learn the rules. Knowing the rules helps because you’ll not only feel more comfortable playing, you’ll know if your opponent isn’t playing by the rules.

While you’re figuring out how to serve and how to return the ball, review your table tennis tips and know that there are several different methods of doing both things. There are a few types of serves, as well as returns, from the loop drive to the chop. You’ll master these with time, but know that they are out there and people do use them.

Bring water and a towel. Table tennis is a hobby for many people but it’s also a sport and you’re going to sweat. You’ll need to stay hydrated during practice and competition. offers a line-up of killer table tennis DVDs. If you’re looking for ping pong videos to improve your game, visit for the best table tennis videos



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