Table Top Displays For The Traveling Businessman

Eidolonai January 21, 2018

As an independent businessman, you travel a lot. You’re always meeting with clients and trying to secure new business for your company. You rely on a sturdy suitcase and a winning attitude. For many of your peers, that’s not enough. Many salesmen like you have begun turning to a new crop of ultra portable displays to showcase their products and services. Depending on your situation, you might benefit from these table top displays as well.

Why Use Trade Show Stands?

The basic function of trade show stands is to draw people’s attention and focus to the product. It’s an effective communication mechanism, and it reinforces any sales pitch with words and images. Businessmen began to realize that these same benefits would be useful in the boardroom, and started to adapt their exhibits accordingly. This was years ago, before portable options became so mobile. These early models were the most basic of table top displays, but they were still useful, especially if the salesman had to discuss any kind of data. Trade show stands had begun to move outside the convention hall and into the office building.

Today’s Portable Displays

Technological advancement and the demands of business continued to push the envelope of the mobile exhibit, making it increasingly small, yet highly impactful. Today’s portable displays are compact enough to pass as a briefcase, or be carried like a backpack. There are table top exhibits which are designed to incorporate their own carrying structure, eliminating the need for a transportation bag.

The most popular style of mobile exhibit amongst business travelers is the mock briefcase. When folded up, the exhibit appears to be a briefcase of average size. Yet when unfolded, it becomes a full miniature booth, with a tall and wide center area and two wings. Although the material is slightly heavier, most companies choose to have their mobile boards covered in a Velcro-like material. With this material, changing out the graphics and information is as simple as pressing on another piece of Velcro.

Getting Your Money’s Worth From Table Top Displays

Most portable displays are surprisingly affordable. The cost is slightly variable, depending on the options you choose and whether you want it to come with a case such as the briefcase model discussed above. Overall, however, this type of investment is generally a good value. Whereas larger booths can be a hassle, this small board has many uses. If not needed, it can be placed in the office as a message board or information center. It can also be taken around to local business meetings and used for marketing purposes there.

If you choose to invest in portable exhibits, feel free to use them liberally. It is rare to find an event which would not benefit from additional clarification on your products and strong branding. No matter where you are, having your mini booth will be an advantage. If you’ve chosen your initial product specs wisely, you should find your exhibit lasting for years with no need for replacement. You’ll never need to hire anyone to set it up, and you’ll never have to worry about the difficulty of setup or takedown afterward. For many businessmen, time is money, and a small table top exhibit can save both.

Chris Harmen writes for Skyline, the business-ready choice for New York table top displays and other highly portable displays in New York.


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