Table Top Displays Make Traveling Easy

Eidolonai December 11, 2017

If your company exhibits at trade shows frequently, you probably either already have a trade show display, or you are currently shopping for one. While a large, sleek display is great if you do large shows, and customarily get large display spaces at the shows at which you exhibit, sometimes what you really need is a smaller table top display, which makes it handy and easy to travel to the show and set up in a short period of time.

There are many types of table top displays, and as a rule, they are designed to be easy to transport and set up. Some actually come with their own carrying case, and are no more difficult to transport than a large brief case. Briefcase table top displays are extremely lightweight, and let you carry everything you need easily.

They fold up into their own “briefcase” carrying case, with handle and strap, unfolding at the show in mere minutes. When unfolded, you generally have a nicely-sized table top display of about 4 feet by 2 feet of space, complete with fabric panels, which allow you to add signage, graphics and other materials with Velcro. When the show is over, taking the display down is just as easy as setting it up. You simply fold everything back into the briefcase, even leaving your signage and graphics still attached if you’d like, and off you go.

Even the larger sizes of table top displays generally are easy to transport and set up. Often, they are self-packing, meaning no cases or packaging materials to have to deal with once you are set up. These usually are very ingeniously designed, with features such having storage compartments molded into the display itself. They include easy-to-set-up headers, panels and lighting components. Many models even have wheels to make the display even easier to transport. With a table top display, you can spend more time on other aspects of your exhibit, and less time worrying about transporting and setting up your display.

Table displays can be a great choice for small display spaces. Additionally, because of their compact size and convenience, you will find that they are very handy for other uses as well. Sales representatives, recruiters and corporate trainers often also need the ability to create displays. Table top displays can be perfect for these other uses, which allow you to get more value from your display.

Table top displays are a great part to making your show displays stand out over the many others at the trade show.


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