Ten Unique Wooden Gadgets

Eidolonai February 23, 2018

Wood brings  luxurious colors, which is the reason why some designers have decided to use this material for making high-tech products. The Japanese  electronics company, Marubeni Infotec, has rolled out numerous interesting and practical gadget designs made of wood. A wide range of products including computer peripherals have been introduced such as keyboard, USB memory, card reader, and USB hub. Here are collection of ten creative gadgets and product designs made of wood.



Handmade wooden MP3 players can play MP3, WMA and OGG files


A wall-clock is made of natural wood


Designed by Kouji Iwasaki, the clock is covered in a very thin layer of veneer


Eco-friendly Apple iPod dock


Keyboard is made by Japanese electronics company, Marubeni Infotec


Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee designed a cell phone with touch buttons


Key-ring speakers can hook up to your media player


Audiowood turntable by Joel Scilley is made from a raw-edged wood



Creative case can protect your laptop when moving



Wooden USB 



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