That Perfect Cup of Coffee

Eidolonai December 7, 2017

Coffee is certainly the most popular beverage on earth. In fact, it’s the world’s second biggest commodity, second only to oil, and those are pretty impressive stats. The history of coffee is an impressive one as well. Coffee is tracked back to c850 when a small goat herder from Ethiopia know as Kaldi discovered some red berries from a local shrub. He noticed his goats became hyper after eating the berries and so he tried them himself and it altered his mood, for the better of course. The rest as they say is history and coffee spread throughout the lands like a wild fire.

The first coffee was roasted and boiled by Arabs in c1100 who made “qahwa”, which was a beverage made from plants. Well, we’ve come along way from qahwa, all the way to Starbucks drive-thrus on every corner and an unlimited amount of blends, brews, and styles of the popular drink.

Coffee is an integral part of the day, from the first morning cup all the way down to the most popular after dinner drink. It is at the center of social functions as well as the workday. There are countless recipes both sweet and savory that use coffee, including ice cream. It is both a very unique flavor as well as a mood enhancer and stimulant due to its caffeine properties, and thanks to the process of decaffeination, those who prefer to skip the energy boost can still enjoy the aroma and flavor.

While many love and enjoy the flavor and richness of the coffee house blends and brews, it can really put a dent on one’s wallet with the average cost per cup being over $ 3. It seems that there is squeamishness when it comes to home brewing for some because they may believe that they cannot get that same quality of brew at home as they can in the commercial coffee house. In reality with some practice and fresh beans, grinds, correct techniques and brewers, it is very possible to get a superb coffee house quality cup at home.

Also with today’s K cup brewers that are easy and brew one cup at a time of coffee house quality brew and require no measuring, or guessing, there is no reason to save some major bucks and make your favorite cup at home. They also allow you to try a variety of strengths and flavors to find your favorite.

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