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Eidolonai October 19, 2017

What would we get if we combined a morning shower with a ritual? A coffee maker! How is that? Regardless the model, all coffee makers serve one purpose: giving to millions of people that uniquely refreshing feeling that they need before starting the day. Speaking of which, launching yourself into the unexpected madness of the city or anything for that matter, implies participating at a ritual. Sipping coffee goes hand in hand with charging your batteries for a whole day.

Preparing your morning coffee has grown into a ritual, whether you admit it or not, opening the bag of coffee and putting the necessary dose into the coffee maker is an active part of our day. For the most of us, this is the perfect formula in order to stay durable and sharp throughout the day. Durability is the main focus of the engineers who design these high-polished stainless steel kitchen appliances and regardless the design they seem to cope with the customers demands pretty well. In other words, durable materials are the only ones that can give you a long lasting experience.

Durability and longevity is todays quest as well. We are determined to track down the most reliable kitchen appliances based on some key elements. In what follows, we will hunt down the best types of coffee makers; identify the biggest and most renowned brands and focus on details that each consumer should know before purchasing this simple yet miraculous machine.

The world has witnessed a wide array of coffee makers and still, people find it hard to choose one. This is quite understandable; lots of brands can offer successful models, each having strong points. Out of the hundred models you have to choose a certain type according to your needs and this is the point where things get even more entangled. In order to straighten the things you should pay attention to criteria such as:
The brand: Bosch, Braun , Delonghi, Krups, Melitta, Saeco are just few names that can capture your attention.
The capacity represents another crucial yardstick. Depending on the use, you can choose from coffee makers that make a single cup of coffee to commercial coffee makers.
The 4 most famous types of coffee makers are as follows:
1. The stove top coffee maker needs a lot of attention; otherwise the coffee will contain a more than necessary amount of coffee grounds. More and more people associate stove top coffee makers with a lot of work and for this reason less and less people resort to it.
2. The vacuum coffee maker on the other hand is able to give a more fine-tuned result. The principle is quite simple: to chambers create vapor pressure, which in turn produces clean, rich and crisp coffee. This is a simple yet effective method of brewing coffee without much supervision.
3. The drip coffee maker has known fame and admiration since the very first moments and this is why it is known as the most popular of all kitchen appliances within a normal household.
4. The French press coffee maker features the simplest coffee brewing device. All you need is this press pot, coffee of a coarser grind and water. The combination of these 3 ingredients will result in a thicker and stronger coffee.
As you can see, thanks to contemporary techniques and ancient wisdom, brewing a good cup of coffee isnt that difficult. Since the French invented the pumping percolator, coffee brewing has grown into a business, a business that keeps you running throughout the day.

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