The Best Practices For Winter Table Tents

Eidolonai February 11, 2018

There is a big reason why you should print new table tent cards on the winter season. Unlike the regular market seasons, winter brings with it certain special conditions in the market that you need to take advantage of. From the holiday season of thanksgiving that you need to really partake of, to the very profitable Christmas market environment, all of these warrant the printing of new table tents for your restaurant or special service business.

If you want to really do well with the printing of these winter table tents, let me tell you about the best practices in table tent printing and design that most experts do. Believe me, all these tips should help immensely in developing just the right table tents that will succeed and survive in the amazing and competitive environment that is the winter market season.

1.  Use holiday shapes – One of the most basic but still powerful methods that you can adopt for your table tent printing this holiday season is the adoption of holiday shapes for your table tents. You need to be a bit impressive and eye-catching this season since most other businesses are pulling out all the stops today with their decorations and marketing. By changing the traditional table tent card shape from a rectangle to a Christmas tree for example, you already can make people take notice of the new season and your new promotional offers.

Do not worry about how to print those holiday shaped table tents though. Most table tent printing companies can handle that expert customization flawlessly. All you need to make sure this concept works well is for you to accurately render the design so that it fits in with the whole winter decorative theme of your place of business. With that kind of coordination, your table tents should be integrated into your holiday theme and of course will do their job effectively during that time.

2.  Use festive materials – To add that extra special something to your table tents for the winter, it is a good table tent printing practice to use festive materials in the actual paper and ink of your winter table tents. These festive materials include glossy type paper materials, additional glitter coatings or even special gold or silver metallic inks. All of these materials add that festive glitter and gleam to those color table tents, making them really special and of course more visible to the potential reader.

3.  Compose catchy, easy to remember slogans – Never forget as well that in this season the carols and special melodies of the holiday seasons are abound. This means that it is also a good practice to participate in all this type of musical and literary puns for the season. Try to always compose a new and catchy slogan that is easy to remember in your color table tents. This helps people remember your offers more, just in case they want to go for your business again, or tell your offer to one of their friends. However indirectly, this will have a significant effect to your sales figures that you should never ignore.

4.  Add Interactive elements – Finally, you may want to add additional interactive elements to your table tents to further engage with your target readers. From a simple twistable hand, to moving Christmas trees or a holiday turkey, those special holiday or winter interactive elements should become quite memorable to people reading your table tents. This ensures that you deliver your message quite effectively to those possible customers, giving you the best opportunity to get some great advertising or marketing done through table tents.

Good! Now you know the best practices that you should do for your promotional winter table tents. Try out all these special tips and tricks now!

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