The Cards Are On the Table

Eidolonai January 22, 2018

The business card is something of an institution, as ingrained in corporate culture as the tie or briefcase. Despite an increasing shift towards a paperless business environment, the business card’s only concession to the advance of digital technology is that they now often feature an email address and website. The arrogance of this most compact of stationery items is however entirely justified. There’s no realistic alternative when it comes to a means of passing on contact details as and when required.

In addition to serving as a sleek and effortless way to impart your full array of contact numbers, addresses, web addresses and of course name and job title to anyone and everyone, the business card also represents a great deal more. As satirised in Bret Easton Ellis’ infamous novel American Psycho: the business card is on many levels something of a status and style symbol. From the choice of font, through to the thickness of the card and of course the colour and design featured on the card, there are multitudinous factors which contribute to the overall look, feel and finish.

It’s fair to say that rather than just letting the card recipient know how to contact you, the business card also acts as a representative of both the individual and their brand. A well thought out and executed business card should entice contact and exude professionalism – particularly if you represent an organisation which operates in the design industry or a related field. In short, your business card speaks volumes about who you are, what you do and the finesse with which you do it.

For the most part, companies will utilise a specialist design and print company in the production of their business cards and other branded stationery. The obvious upside here is that, these professionals will be highly experienced in creating eye-catching, effective and well produced business cards. On the downside, the exercise of outsourcing the production of business cards can be a costly and time consuming process – similarly, the majority of design and print companies will stipulate minimum orders by volume…and there aren’t that many of us who require 1000+ business cards, particularly as they are rendered useless in the event of a change in phone number, company logo or role.

A much more flexible option is to invest in business card packs which allow the user to design and print their own business cards. These packs generally include both the necessary software to put together your own business card layout and sheets of high quality, pre-cut card to print onto. Obviously at least a modicum of design flair comes in handy, but with common sense and an eye for detail it is possible to create top quality business cards as and when required. Not only is this option quicker and more affordable but also reduces waste and allows you to quickly change your contact details or any other aspect whenever you need to!

Written by Jamie Rock Lyons on behalf of DGOS Office Supplies Bradford and environmentally aware Office Supplies Leeds


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