The Different Types Of Woods That Can Be Used To Make Coffee Tables And Other Furniture

Eidolonai September 27, 2017

Man has been blessed with many different things and one of them is the ability to use different types of woods to create a wide variety of furniture. Different types of wood has special traits when it’s carved, moulded and constructed. There are some woods that have this amazing durable quality like soft steel and there are others that can be easily carved out like cheese. There are many different reasons for selecting a specific wood. You can use these different woods to create tables, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and more.


This type of hardwood is quite dense. It’s special characteristic is that it can resist some of the toughest conditions including fungal and insect assault. One of the reasons is because the content in tannin is quite high. Tannin is a compound that helps to protect plants and trees from natural predation. When you look at oak, you will see the natural beauty of the wood from the grain markings.

This wood was widely used in the medieval ages in the construction of prestigious structures. One of the more common structures known in the world is the House of Common located in London. It was also used to build ships, particularly war ships. Today, it’s found in many oak furniture items such as oak bathroom furniture, floors and various structures.


This species of tree is one of the more famous commercial woods. This wood is more commonly used for wood pulp and timber. The demand is quite high all around the world. This type of softwood is also used to make window frames, floors, panels, roofing and furniture.

This species of tree is quite an attractive wood, but unlike oak, it’s not as resistant to decay and insect attacks. This is one of the reasons why it’s recommended more for indoor construction use. This wood does not have very good resilient qualities. If exposed to harsh weather conditions, it may only last for one or two years. In North America it’s commonly known as fir, spruce or timber.


This wood is commonly used to make beams, window frames, furniture, columns and doors. What makes this wood so attractive is that it can withstand a severe attack from termites. This wood is very popular in India. Teak is quite durable and can be used in the construction of decks for boats. The great thing about this wood is that it requires minimal maintenance. When using this material, you should avoid using preservatives, cleaning compounds or oils because it will probably reduce the life of the wood.


This is one of the more versatile woods known to man. It has the ability to rapidly grow and it’s quite resilient. One of the great things about this wood is that it offers a different range of colours. It can range from a light brown to a creamy colour. It does not have the same properties as oak. It may decay quite easily. This wood is not ideal for serving as a structure, especially if part of the structure has to be buried in the ground. It’s quite flexible and handles shock and splitting very well. This wood is more popular in making dining tables, coffee tables, chairs, doors and wood flooring.

Black Walnut

This is a specialized wood and is admired for the dark colour it offers. This wood is very strong and has a heavy-set quality. This wood can be split easily. It is more commonly found in the construction of coffins, floors, guns and furniture.

The next time you are looking for furniture, consider the different types of woods mentioned above. Out of the five mentioned above, oak is one of the more durable and resilient woods available. If you are considering Oak Furniture Solutions, coffee tables, oak bathroom furniture or any other accessories made of oak; it’s best to seek out a company that has expert knowledge in this material.

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