The End of Google?

Eidolonai March 21, 2018

Imagine a wiki kind of Google. That’s basically what social bookmarking is. Now if you’re fairly new to the internet you may not know what a wiki is. Everyone knows what Google is.

A wiki is a knowledge base that can be updated and edited by users. Imagine if that was Google and you could comment on it’s search results and rate them yourself, then share that with other people.

Voila, you have social bookmarking, more or less.

Social bookmarking is a relatively new technology that has changed the way people experience the web by allowing users to store, classify, rate, comment on and search links to any website or blog.

This is why social bookmarking is so important in getting traffic to your website. It’s run by and for the very people you are trying to attract to your site. Social bookmarking is all about the collective voice and the power of the people.

Such a system can rank a resource, or website, based on how many times it has been bookmarked by users, whereas conventional search engines rank resources based on the number of external links pointing to it.

Instead of a search engine, you can find interesting links through a site’s community of users, thereby transforming navigation of the internet into a “social” experience.

For users, social bookmark sites can be useful as a way to access a consolidated set of bookmarks from other users, organize large numbers of bookmarks and share bookmarks with contacts. Social bookmarking can allow you to share the sites that you own to others with relevant tastes, driving traffic to your site, and creating valuable backlinks.

As you know backlinks are vital in gaining a good ranking in the traditional search engines.

Social bookmarks continue to be one of the driving forces of this evolving web. It is all about labeling the web, making it easier to find the content that you’re looking for by passing on what you’ve found.

I believe it is for this very reason that Google invests in social sites as it’s not beyond reason that these sites could one day rival Google itself. So, ignore the value of social bookmarking at your peril. If you’re not in there, one day, you may very well not be found.

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